Dinners Delivered...Heat & Eat

Eating Fresh Is Best!

It's Heat & Eat Meals Delivered to your door!

It's convenient and easy eating and it's also how we do things-- simple, tasty, and with a whole lot of creativity and thought. Every Thursday we create delicious food that tastes even better if it was cooked in your own kitchen. Then we deliver it directly to you on Friday afternoon. 

We don't cut corners! Everything is made by hand, using fresh ingredients, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and quality meat. No cans, no pre-packaged foods, no shortcuts.

Yes, we make it fresh so we can deliver it fresh!  

We change our menus every week featuring the best each season has to offer. You can be absolutely certain our food has no additives or preservatives. So, if you want to see what's cooking, contact us at badinlakesupperclub@gmail.com so we can put you on our weekly email list.


How big are the meals?

Our portion is very generous and is defined as an amount of food weighing 14-16 ounces per person based on nutritional values, calories and recipe recommendations. Each double dish (which feeds 2 people generously) is being weighed as this is more accurate than just volume measurement.

Are these meals frozen? 

Our meals are always delivered fresh, however, we design our meals with the idea that they will freeze well and reheat well.

Do you deliver hot meals?

All of our meals are delivered cold with simple instructions for heating on the label. Each label has a born-on-date for your convenience which helps you to control freshness. You can stock your fridge for several days per week and heat a meal as needed or freeze for a later date.

Is there a minimum order?

Our minimum order is a double dish which feeds 2 people.

Is there a maximum order?

We will be happy to make as many meals as you would like.

How do I order?

After receiving our email announcement for the weekly special on Sunday, we ask that you place your order either by email or by phone no later than Tuesday for your Friday delivery.

Heat & Eat Meals Delivered... Sounds like meals on wheels.

Actually, it IS the ultimate meals on wheels. It is good food, delivered fresh and heated and enjoyed at YOUR convenience! It tastes like you just graduated from culinary school and cooked it yourself. 

Do you offer any other items to go with the meals?

Yes! We often will feature an a la carte side dish or salad that complements the meal. Prices vary and will be announced with the special of the week. Of course, our own fresh baked European style bread (crusty exterior and soft interior), an 8-ounce mini-loaf, is always available for only $3.00.


How do I store meals?

Refrigerate until ready to heat and eat. We recommend eating meals within 4-5 days for maximum freshness. 

Can I freeze the meals?

Yes you can! Our meals are designed to be frozen for later use. We will let you know if a particular meal is not suitable for freezing. We recommend 6 months maximum for storage in the freezer.


How do I heat the Meals?

We typically recommend heating our meals in the oven, however, some meals may be suitable for microwave and we provide the heating instructions on each label. 

How do I reheat them from frozen? 

We highly recommend that you thaw your meal first overnight in the fridge before you intend to eat it. Then simply follow the heating instructions on the label.


Where do you deliver? 

Currently we offer free delivery to Uwharrie Point, Heron Bay and the greater Badin Lake area. Other arrangements can be made for pick-up/delivery.

When will I receive my meals?

Deliveries will be made on Friday, typically between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m. If you are unable to be at home to receive delivery, you may leave a cooler with ice, outside your door and we can put your order in there (we do not recommend you leave it in the cooler for more than a couple of hours-especially in the summer months) or we can deliver the meal to a neighbor of your designation.  We can also store your order in our fridge or freezer for a more convenient time.